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Editor can be a scary word– a person easily identified as someone who critiques the work that you’ve poured your heart into– slashing sentences that you thought would change the world. But after reading Jenn’s articles, I felt more confident about putting my work into her hands.

Now, I can say that it was the best move I’ve ever made. Jenn doesn’t just improve and add structure to my writing, she helps me become a better writer along the way. She’s taught me so much about process, style, and voice. In the time that I’ve been working with Jenn, I can see a difference in every single thing I write. And, if I’m feeling low on inspiration, I know Jenn will have an idea or advice that will light a fire. Editor, mentor, teacher– I’m happy to call Jenn all three. – Elizabeth Presson

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jenn as her editor for the past three years, as she’s translated both her hard-won management skills and her incredible creativity into “Skirts and Suits,” one of the longest-running career columns on The Daily Muse.

I’ve worked with many writers over the years, but here’s what makes Jenn one of the best: Few people can offer hard-hitting career advice one day and create a viral Ryan Gosling meme the next, but Jenn can. Few writers have a voice that is truly and unmistakably their own, but that also seamlessly adapts to the voice of a publication or brand, but Jenn does. And few creatives also bring exceptional organizational and management skills to the table, but Jenn will, to any position she’s up for.

Jenn is also a longtime manager who’s advised me many times on leadership strategies and tough personnel situations. As a writer, as a leader, as a professional, I can’t recommend her highly enough. – Adrian

I reached out to Jennifer after reading one of her articles on The Muse. At the time, I was looking to make a career switch, except I didn’t know exactly what that meant. Did I just not like my current job? Did I need a new environment? What truly motivated me? These questions and more, Jennifer helped me answer. Through our various conversations and exercises, she helped me identify key elements that I hadn’t realized I found important to my overall career happiness. Jennifer has a great way of being able to listen to you and dissect what the underlying message is. I truly enjoyed working with Jennifer and have referred her time and again to friends and colleagues who can use a helpful, effective and real perspective.  – Kristen